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BrianWilson Apr 22 '14
There are so many difference religions how do I know which one to choose?
BrianWilson Jul 9 '15
Reply to myself:

The truth should not be hard to find. 

The first step in finding the truth in anything is to take the time to perform the research.

Compare the evidence to what is observable and also the historical evidence.

Also if you'd like put God to the test ask him to reveal the truth to you, but be prepared the truth may come at a surprise. Meaning things may be shown that may be hard to swallow.

For example here we will compare the observable evidence to the Qua-ran,

which states that the earth is not round (flat) in these particular Surahs (chapters). 

Here is a quote taken from Wiki:

"Shaykh Abdul-Aziz Ibn Baaz, the former supreme religious authority of Saudi Arabia, believed the earth is flat,[10][11] and so does Muslim Researcher on Astronomy Fadhel Al-Sa'd, who declared in a televised debate aired on Iraqi Al-Fayhaa TV (October 31, 2007) that the Earth is flat as evidenced by Qur'anic verses and that the sun is much smaller than the Earth and revolves around it.[12]

As devout Muslims, they have good reason to conclude the Earth is flat; the Qur'anic verses 15:19, 20:53, 43:10, 50:7, 51:48, 71:19, 78:6, 79:30, 88:20 and 91:6 all clearly state this and not a single verse in the Qur'an hint to a spherical earth." retrieved from:"

From this information alone I can see there is error here, I know the earth is observed as being 

round, spherical.  So what do you think, is the Quran truthful , is it doctrine that can be trusted just on this information alone?  

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